Compliance Officer Services (COS) Program

In this regulatory environment, hiring a compliance officer is becoming more and more difficult.  The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), the nation’s primary financial institutions regulator, has specifically called out difficulty in hiring and retaining compliance staff as a key risk.  A well-trained compliance officer is critical, given increased scrutiny and the need to navigate uncertain regulatory waters and respond effectively to bank partners and investor inquiries.  

FS Vector is pleased to announce its Compliance Officer Services (COS) program. This program is available for start-ups and growth stage companies who are looking to outsource Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) services at the initial stage or to provide interim or supplemental CCO support at a later stage. The COS program offers a variety of training alternatives, including bootcamps to further develop FinTech compliance talent and individualized training and coaching of compliance staff on an as-needed basis. We are also developing forums for information sharing between compliance officers that will facilitate the development of best practices. Finally, our program helps match compliance professionals who are seeking positions with companies who have a need for expertise in this area.  

FS Vector’s Compliance Officer Services (COS) Program includes:

  • Outsourced, interim, or temporary CCO services

  • Compliance program building and support for companies creating a new program or scaling and enhancing their current program

  • Compliance training and coaching

  • Bootcamps for compliance professionals

  • Compliance Officer sourcing

  • Summits for compliance officer information sharing

To request more information on the COS program, click here.