Finance Rewired

This podcast will explore exciting new developments in financial services and outline some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Episode #16: Phil Goldfeder, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs at Cross River Bank (@YPGoldfeder), sat down last week with John Collins (@johncollins) in the FS Vector offices.  

Phil leads the policy and external affairs work for Cross River, a leading partner bank which serves some of the world's most well-known fintech companies as clients.  John and Phil talk about the partnership bank model, how it came to be, and how Cross River approaches new clients.  They also talk about Phil's experience as both a political staffer and elected official, and how that influences his work today.  And, of course, a bit about the VMA's and Taylor Swift's new album. 

Episode #15:Nick Catino of TransferWise sat down with John Collins (@johncollins) in the FS Vector offices.  

Nick is public policy lead at TransferWise, which is focused on improving and changing how we think about cross-border payments.  We chat about global remittances, how to make payments cheaper and easier for global consumers, and what TransferWise is doing across the globe to set standards with policymakers. 

Episode #14: Raj Date of Fenway Summer and FS Vector sat down with John Collins (@johncollins) in the FS Vector offices.  Raj has decades financial service experience from Wall Street, to helping build the CFPB, to now, as a venture capital investor.

We chat about those experiences, how industry perspective can work together with public service experience, and how he chooses and approaches ideas and companies, and then works to build and bring them to fruition.

Episode #13: Joe DePaulo of College Ave Student Loans sat with down with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins) in his Wilmington office last week to talk about how College Ave is using technology to make the student loan process better and more transparent. 

Joe and John discuss how the federal student loan program and private market work together, how mobile technology has dramatically changed consumer lending, and why transparency is key to helping students navigate their choices when it comes to higher education financing. 


Episode #12: Margaret Liu, Senior Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), speaks this week with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins) about how states are approaching innovative new technologies and what the future for the U.S. regulatory landscape might look like.

Margaret and John discuss the OCC Fintech charter and CSBS' response to that charter, virtual currencies, how states are approaching innovation, and what CSBS thinks about some calls for federal preemption of state money transmission licensing.  And we learn why her teenage daughters still consider her a tech savvy mom.

Episode #11: Congressman Tom Emmer (@RepTomEmmer), who represents Minnesota’s Sixth district, speaks this week with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins) about his journey to Congress and how he thinks government should approach cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Congressman Emmer discusses some of his recently introduced bills, including the Blockchain Regulatory Certainty Act (HR 6974), his work to gain further guidance from the IRS on cryptocurrency transactions, and his call for the White House to hold a forum on blockchain.  They also discuss his time as a talk radio host and how he approaches all of his financial services work in Congress.

Episode #10: Jason Somensatto (@JasonSomensatto) of 0x, speaks this week with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins).

Jason and John talk crypto regulation and policy, decentralized finance (DeFi), cryptotwitter, cryptolawyers, and a bit about electric bicycle culture. 

You can read some of Jason’s writings and learn more about 0x’s ongoing projects, here.

Episode #9: Brad Carr (@BradJCarr) of the Institute of International Finance, speaks this week with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins).

Brad is Senior Director of Digital Finance Regulation & Policy at the IIF and host of the FRT Podcast. John and Brad talk artificial intelligence, cloud, and a little bit of crypto.  They also delve into Brexit and how well do those job ads in The Economist real work?

Episode #8: Diego Zuluaga (@DiegoZuluagaL) of the Cato Institute, speaks this week with FS Vector Partner, John Collins (@johncollins).

Diego is with the Center for Monetary and Financial Alternatives at Cato and recently authored a piece for Politico discussing some approaches to financial services that both conservatives and progressives might be able to get on board with.  Optimistic! Diego and John discuss his piece, the current state of crypto regulation in the U.S. and a number of other topics, including - how many airline phone apps are too many?

Episode #7: Jackson Mueller, Associate Director for the Center for Financial Markets at the Milken Institute speaks with FS Vector Partner John Collins about his work covering the global fintech and capital markets space.

Jackson discusses some of his research - and critiques - of regulatory sandboxes, and what lessons we can learn here in the United States from what other countries have implemented.  They also discuss the state of fintech in the middle east and, in honor of March Madness, their respective college mascots.   

Episodes #5 and 6: Amy Friend, Senior Advisor at FS Vector, has had a storied career in Washington.  Starting as a junior House staffer she went on to become Chief Counsel for the Senate Banking Committee during the financial crisis, overseeing the crafting, negotiation, and passage of the Dodd Frank Act. Later, she would become Senior Deputy Comptroller and Chief Counsel at the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) where she led the agency’s innovation work, including the creation of the Special Purpose National Bank charter for fintech companies.

In Episode 5 she speaks with FS Vector Partner John Collins about her time on the Hill and during her first run at the OCC, and explore some behind the scenes stories of the financial crisis and the work to bring us back from the brink. In Episode 6 they discuss, in depth, the OCC’s Fintech charter, why it’s important and what sort of companies should be considering it.  They also discuss what Amy’s been up to since leaving the OCC, what she’ll be working on here at FS Vector, and what the techiest thing about her is.

Episode #4: Amy Davine Kim, General Counsel and Global Policy Director at the Chamber of Digital Commerce speaks with FS Vector Partner John Collins about her work leading engagement with regulators on behalf of some of the world's largest blockchain companies.  Amy and John discuss the depth and breadth of the blockchain industry and how it's changed over time, how the Chamber handles the very different policy interests of its members, and why they believe the United States needs to pursue a national action plan for blockchain or risk losing its competitive edge.  Amy also provides a preview of the Chamber's upcoming DC Blockchain Summit.

Episode #3 - Rob Morgan, Vice President of Emerging Technologies at the American Bankers Association (ABA) speaks with FS Vector Partner John Collins about his work leading fintech for the nation's largest financial services trade association.  Rob works with ABA's members on navigating the quickly evolving market, regulatory, and political fintech landscapes. Rob and John discuss the different approaches of large and community banks to tech issues, why ABA is investing in non-bank companies, and what does ABA think of the proposed OCC Fintech Charter. 

Episode #2 - FS Vector Partner John Collins speaks with two reporters who cover the financial technology space in Washington DC.  Lydia Beyoud of Bloomberg Law and Colin Wilhelm of the Washington Examiner joined John in FS Vector's offices in Washington, DC.  They discuss what the new Democratic Congress might have in store for the fintech industry, the current state of Blockchain in Washington, and the policy stories they think will have the most impact over the coming year. Follow Lydia and Colin on Twitter: @ElleBeyoud and @ColinWilhelm

Episode #1 - FS Vector Partner John Collins speaks with Paul Watkins, Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Office of Innovation, in his office in Washington, DC.  They discuss what fintech actually is, what's the latest with sandboxes and no action letters and how Paul ended up coming from Arizona to Washington.